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Pastoral Pings ~ Loving the Words God Loves

          I have long thought that God gave us four gospel accounts so that we would have four witnesses of the life, death, resurrection, and glory of the Lord Jesus Christ. All throughout his word, he requires two or three witnesses to establish everything, so four witnesses seems like his trademark signature that he more than meets his own requirements for affirming that all his words are true (kinda like timing Lazarus’s resurrection for the fourth day after his death)[1].

          This morning I realized that there is another color to the spectrum of God’s thoughts that adds further layers of beauty to the divine glory-scape of this good news from heaven. The thought that brought a smile to my face was the simple realization that my Heavenly Father loves words. He has given us his word; and he has given us his Word.

          However, God chose to communicate his words, and his love of words, and his love for his Word, through expressions of his love for people. Therefore, God spoke his words in relationship with the personality, character, style, and expression of many different kinds of men, but giving us the very words of God telling us of the very Word of God.  

          In the case of using words to tell us of his Son, the Word of God, he called on a Jewish tax collector to tell us Jesus’ gospel story to Jewish people who need to know that their Messiah is the Savior of sinners. When Matthew gave up his tax-collecting thievery to become a follower of Jesus, he traveled a road that would bring him to write down the words of God about the Word of God who was “a friend of tax collectors and sinners!”[2]

          But that is not enough. God wanted to spread a much more lavish table of words before us, and so he called a young Jewish convert with a Roman nickname, John Mark, to tell us the same gospel story in words that are more suited to the Gentile hearers and readers of the good news (like Hungarian-German-Canadians). By the colorful choice of a Jewish man with a Gentile name, God also gave a living testimony to this gospel bring together both Jews and Gentiles into the “one new man”[3] we know as the body of Christ, incredibly, the body of the Word.

          These first two gospel accounts speak enough of Jesus to lead anyone to know that this is, indeed, the Son of God, the Son of Man, the Savior of the world. However, God wanted us to have a gospel account that contained the nuances of thought and word that a doctor’s mind would communicate about the intricacies of Jesus’ life and work. Dr. Luke’s testimony included the way Jesus’ life touched the bodies and souls of broken people with healing that left a doctor’s mind boggled with delight and wonder.

          And then, to show his love of words even more brightly, God chose a man named John whose love of words would be a beautiful masterpiece of thoughts that would stir up the made-in-Jesus’-image mind of born-again souls to the wonder of the Word who became flesh and dwelt among us.[4]

          No wonder Simon Peter would exclaim to Jesus, the Word of God, “Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life, and we have believed, and have come to know, that you are the Holy One of God.” (John 6:68-69) The Word of God gives us the words of God so that we can take him at his word, and live!

          From my heart,


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[1] John 11
[2] Matthew 11:19
[3] Ephesians 2:15
[4] John 1:14

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