Monday, December 2, 2013

Considerations ~ Questions of God

When you have a question about anything to do with God, whom do you consult for your answer? Do you look to yourself, your family, your friends, religion, God’s enemies, God’s friends, or God? Think about this: 

·         Yourself: the person who is asking the question because you don’t know the answers
·         Family: people who may or may not have any personal relationship with God
·         Friends: those who will likely be more sympathetic with our questions than knowledgeable of God’s answers
·         Religion: the many manmade systems that people use to win the favor of their version of a higher power
·         God’s enemies: the many variations of people who have it in for God, or are against the idea of God, but without any personal experience of God from which to decide that he deserves their animosity
·         God’s friends: those who have come into a personal relationship with God through faith in Jesus Christ and so can testify as to what God is like as their heavenly Father
·         God: everything he has revealed about himself in his word (the Bible) that has been open to our exploration for two and more millennia of time 

Jesus said: And this is eternal life, that they know you the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom you have sent” (John 17:3). When we know God the Father through God the Son our questions change from confusing justifications for living without them, into childlike desires to know God better than we have ever known him before.
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