Sunday, December 1, 2013

Considerations ~ A Scroll For Childlike Faith

It is a greater childlike faith that can rest in the knowledge that God has a scroll full of words in his right hand, and that Jesus is worthy to open the scroll and fulfill all that the Father has written in whatever ways the Father intends, than it is to hold off resting in faith until we know what is written on the scroll, and how it will unfold in the circumstances of history. Our Father has written down his words, our Big Brother will carry out every word the way God intends, and we are to focus on our place in the picture of faithfully enduring until the end. 

Our ongoing journey through the book of Revelation has settled in my heart that this is not a book for scholars (though it is an unending storehouse of delights for scholars with childlike faith), but it is a picture book for children. When we can accept that every picture is true, and all the symbols and metaphors tell God’s children what to watch out for in every generation of the church, we can rest in God that he knows how he wants every letter of every word on that scroll put into effect in history, and Jesus is our guarantor that it will all happen just as God has said. We can rest in the pictures, because the Word of God will fulfill every word of God.
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