Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Considerations: What Children Hear in the Symphony of Revelation

          Revelation is a book that can be ruined by scholars and reveled in by children. The Adult-minded can ruin this book with their attention to details that cannot be known, and lead people to satisfy themselves by creating explanations that make sense to them, but have no scriptural authority. The Child-minded can look at the same pictures, absorb them in wonder, and then express their “Wow!” of Worshipful awe.
          No matter how much we have to try to explain of each scene of the Revelation, our aim is to keep it as the picture that it is, and stand in wonder of the scenes as they build throughout the book. We want to rest in the pictures, and the connections, and the affirmations of other Scriptures. We want to let our spiritual senses take in the scenes that are described as though we are truly listening to that final, grand finale of Scripture’s symphony, and marveling at how every theme of God’s word is drawn together in notes and harmonies that we cannot contain, in so many harmonious instruments and voices, all singing and playing together, overwhelming our senses with so much beautiful stimulation that all we can do is let the tears of joy, and humility, and wonder slide down our faces as we marvel at the glory of our God who has always had everything in his hands.
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