Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Today in Revelation ~ "Behold" Says it All

December 11, 2012
Thought: How are we to be affected by the “Behold” of Revelation 1:7? Something like this:
If we will face everything in the book of Revelation with our eyes beholding what we are told here, we will have the faith to persevere through any kind of tribulation no matter what it looks like. The "Behold" tells us where to put our faith, rather than trusting in our sight. This one statement, of course within the whole context of Revelation, tells us what is going to happen, and how the victory of Jesus Christ is assured over everything we could ever imagine being done by the red dragon and his minions.
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Thought: Some people believe in a secret and quiet rapture of the Church simply because the church is not mentioned in certain pictures throughout the book of Revelation. The assumption is that the church is not in the pictures because it has already been “taken up”. However, the church IS “there” as the ones who are looking at the pictures of things we cannot see, in order to bolster our faith while we go through the things we do see.
It is the nature of revelation to show us things we cannot see in order to turn our faith to the things we can only know because God told us so (hence, it appears that we are not in the picture, even though we are the ones looking at the picture). Instead of saying that the church is not in the pictures because it was raptured, we are to believe that the church is being shown pictures of things from a perspective we cannot see in order that we will continue to live here on earth by faith until Jesus’ one and only second coming.
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