Thursday, December 27, 2012

Pastoral Pings ~ From Trauma to Trophy

          To anyone who wonders why God let them experience abuse as a child, consider that it was Satan who perpetrates abuse, and God who delivers. If you have been thinking that God let you endure countless experiences of rejection, loss, disappointment and heartache, consider that it is Satan who has sought to ruin you, and it is Jesus Christ who comes to rescue.

          While we are easily inclined to doubt the love or power of God to help us when we are children, there is a better way of looking at these things, difficult as it may be to accept. Consider that your life in Jesus Christ would present this glorious declaration to the devil: “What you intended for harm[1], to the destruction of a precious little child, God has taken hold of for good[2], to reveal his glorious power to heal the broken hearts of children[3], and fully restore them to the image and likeness of Jesus Christ[4].”

          Here is how I apply this to myself: In all the ways that Satan lured people into hurting and harming me as a child; in all the ways he led people to reject me, demean me, speak evil of me, and trample my little soul underfoot, God can now put on eternal and public display that he is able to fully heal any and every wound the evil one inflicts on any of God’s children[5]. Everything Satan did to show that he had power to inflict pain on a little child, God now overcomes so that he can show Satan, demons, angels, and all humanity, that he is able to take such a messed up, wounded, sinful little creature as me, and present me before himself as holy and blameless in his sight[6].

          The message is simply this: When Jesus Christ takes hold of anyone’s life, no matter how hurt, abused, and sinful we have been, and no matter how much we have hurt and abused others, he turns us into a trophy of his grace that shows everyone that God can make good of anything whatsoever that Satan has ruined, abused and corrupted with sin.

          This is the most beautiful before-and-after picture we could ever see. The “before” picture says, “Look at what Satan has done to ruin this man or this woman from the time they were children!” The “after” picture says, “Now look at what God has done to rescue, repair and transform this man or this woman into the likeness of the very Son of God, Jesus Christ our Lord!” The difference between Satan’s trophy case and God’s trophy case is that the devil’s trophy case looks like a Nazi concentration camp, while God’s trophy case looks like the most wonderful family dinner one could ever imagine.

          Now, it may not be altogether apparent in this lifetime who is still abused, broken and crippled by Satan’s strategic attacks on their souls, and who is being healed, restored and forgiven as the adopted sons of God. I simply want all those who are drawn to Jesus Christ to understand that every memory of abuse put in God’s hands will come to feel like he has transformed your trauma into a trophy.

          If you are struggling to feel the love of God because the abuses of life leave little room in your day for anything except pain, come to Jesus[7] with us who have already felt his healing touch. When Jesus is done with us, we will be like a woman who forgets all her labor pains in her delight to hold her beautiful little child[8]. Be assured that, from God’s side, he already sings over his little ones with healing lullabies of joy[9]. Let the soothing sound of his love songs bring you to sing a new song[10] that fills you with joy forever[11].



© 2012 Monte Vigh ~ Box 517, Merritt, BC, V1K 1B8 ~


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