Sunday, December 9, 2012

Considerations - When Father Speaks

Let’s say that my Dad wrote a textbook about life, and it was so complete and perfect in what it explains and describes that he does not need to add even one word to what he had written.

One group of people says that, for the rest of our lives, our Dad is not going to talk to us anymore because he already said all he needs to say in the textbook.

Another group says that Dad is still writing additions to his textbook, and that he does this by giving privileged people his words so that the rest of the kids have to trust what they say.

A third group says that Dad wrote the most amazing textbook, and it is so perfect and complete that they can hardly put it down to carry on with their daily responsibilities. However, their favorite activity is to crawl up onto their Dad’s lap and listen to him talking to them about the things he wrote in his book.

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