Saturday, June 28, 2014

Revelation Video - Study 53 ~ "Saving and Sealing the Servants of God"

One of the big lessons in our journey through the book of Revelation is, "Get to know the rest of your Bible!" I do not mean in the dissecting of prophetic words and promises. I mean in the devotion of getting to know God.

By the time we get to Revelation 7, and find ourselves trying to understand the sealing of the 144,000, we need to know God, and know what he is like. This fascinating section of the Revelation Museum fills us with reminders of things God has done, said, and revealed throughout the pages of his word. Above all, it reminds us of what he is like, the kind of Father he is to his children.

Such a small way into this journey, it is already so apparent that the deliberate lack of concrete information in the Apocalypse is aimed at moving our hearts, souls, and minds to consider God himself. Treading into the realm of the times and seasons he has set by his own authority (Acts 1:7) not only misses the point, not only distracts us from the pictures, but steals our wonder at the things God is looking after without any help required from his little boys.

In this study we look at a passage from the prophet Malachi that reveals the heart of the God who seals, or sets apart, his servants for the day of ultimate blessing. The last book of the Old Testament gives us a very good indication of how we are to think about God and ourselves in the last book of the New Testament. At the very least, it was a wonderful journey to consider these two passages of Scripture together. Join us, and let the word of God bless you with its God-woven tapestry of God-written threads.

Even while the word of God may leave your head spinning because it overflows with far too many wonderful expressions at any given time, we always leave the word of God marvelling at the way God has spoken to each of us, as needed.

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