Friday, February 2, 2018

Home Church Video: Staking our Claim on Freedom in Christ ~ Part 2 ~ “The Foundation of Freedom in Christ”

Staking our Claim on Freedom in Christ – Part 2

“The Foundation of Freedom in Christ”

When I first began hearing about Freedom in Christ I was blown away by how much God’s Book speaks about such things. It was obvious I was missing out on a golden thread of hope that was clearly woven through the Scriptures.

I was also shocked and amazed when my early lessons in freedom were provided only months before I was required to begin walking with people through some of the most painful things I had ever heard about. While I had my own learning curve in the matter, I was still so thankful that God would speak to me about something so necessary in his church, and do so before handing me assignments in which people needed exactly what I was learning.

In our home church’s second look at Freedom in Christ, we consider the foundation on which everything we believe and do is built. The foundation of promises God has given us not only provides the hope and encouragement we need to help one another experience the fullness of our freedoms, but demands that we take this seriously since the reality of us becoming like Jesus is at the center of God’s glory in creation. Anything that hinders our growth must be brought to God for whatever he would do by his word, his Spirit, and his church, to fulfill what he desires for our joy in Jesus Christ.

Although there seems to be a lot of confusion and conflict surrounding the term, “Freedom in Christ,” the simple fact is that God’s word gives us the foundation of what to believe about this wonderful facet of our growth in Jesus Christ, and invites us to trust God in all he has promised for this freedom. Join our home church as we explore the foundation of our freedom in Christ, and work together to build on that hope-filled foundation.

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