Sunday, February 25, 2018

Home Church Video: Staking Our Claim on Freedom in Christ ~ Part 5 ~ Freedom From the Devil’s Work

Trying to share this message with our home church turned into quite a battle. There is good reason to believe that our adversary, the devil, does not want God’s children to understand him and his work. After all, if we take him seriously, and take our God-given stance against him, his work is exposed as a fraudulent failure, and the work of God is glorified as genuinely victorious. And, if Satan hates anything, it is Jesus Christ receiving glory, honor, and praise from those he has redeemed.

Our aim in promoting this facet of freedom ministry is to shine such light into the darkness that whatever is of the world, the sark/flesh, and the devil, is exposed for removal, and whatever promotes our Spirit-filled freedom in Jesus Christ is exalted and embraced.

In this session, our focus on freedom from the devil’s work looks at things Scripture specifically details of the ways Satan can affect believers in Jesus Christ. Understanding what could happen to us if we do not firmly take our stand in the grace of God gives us the encouragement to be watchful of our enemy’s tactics, to seek our freedom from anything and everything he tries to do to steal, kill, and destroy, and to embrace the fullness of the Holy Spirit to enable us to live as those who are more than conquerors in Jesus Christ our Lord.

Since there is so much conflict regarding how much Satan is able to do to God’s unsuspecting children, we present this with the hope that the word of God will make these things clear to each of us so we know that we are free from all of Satan’s work and all of his ways, and are ready to join our churches in leading others to freedom in Jesus Christ.

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