Saturday, March 22, 2014

Pastoral Pings ~ The God Who Writes His Story

          Somewhere around fifteen years ago, I set out to write a series of children’s stories aimed at communicating the wonderful truths about God. It was not long before I realized that the initial story was becoming something different than I had intended, as though I was the one reading the story as it developed from somewhere deep inside myself. After a decade-and-a half, the story is still not finished, but I have enjoyed the journey so much that I can hardly wait to read what comes next.

          Because of writing this story over such a long period, I find myself constantly looking back over my notes to see what I have already said, and experiences I have already included. It is a lot of work just to make sure that I don’t repeat myself, or that I don’t describe a person later on in the book that is different from what I had described earlier, or that I don’t give information at one point of the story that contradicts information I gave in another chapter.

          This journey has caused me to marvel at the consistency and cohesiveness of the word of God, the Bible. This collection of books was written down over a period of fifteen centuries, by forty different men from many different kinds of backgrounds and experiences. However, from the opening sentence of the book of Genesis, to the closing sentence of the book of Revelation, there is a unity to the story that cannot be explained in mere human terms.

          I have heard all kinds of stories about how the Bible contains contradictions, while watching the same accusers believe other worldviews with far less substantiation than what is given to us in God’s words.

          I have heard evolutionists tell us that science proves the Bible false, when the truth is that science continues to confirm the Bible’s description of history far better than anything else.

          Atheists have told us that it makes more sense to believe there is no God, while the complexity and uniformity of the Bible announces loud and clear that only God could have coordinated something so beautiful through that many musicians of the divine symphony.

          Other religions claim to have divinely-inspired writings, but their clear contradiction of history exposes the human element of the works, leaving me all the more awestruck at the wonders of God’s word, the Bible.

          The glory of the unity and harmony of the message of the whole Bible testifies to the one person who could orchestrate such a song of life as it sings to our souls. The real author of the Bible is God. The obvious conclusion is the same as what God once said about his Son: “Listen to him!”[1] 

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[1] Matthew 17:5

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