Friday, March 21, 2014

Considerations ~ Loving Arms That Make Loving Hearts

There is a moment when holding a little one in our arms (a moment we know could be broken any time with the minutest of distractions), that some kind of quintessential feeling surrounds the experience with a sense that both adult and child are giving each other a priceless gift. It almost feels like we were made for this. 

 When there is that sudden realization that this special experience includes the God who holds his children in his arms and carries them close to his heart, the gift of love is magnified beyond anything words could describe.  

 To be held in the arms of God, while holding a child in one’s own arms, giving a glimpse into how the adult looks in the arms of the Father, moves the heart with wonder that leads into the purest worship. The heart simply knows that love that surpasses knowledge. 

 When an adult mind suddenly feels like a little child, somehow realizing something of the glory of God in the face (and arms) of Jesus Christ, the wondering smile is an expression of praise that may bring to mind a whole symphony of songs, while not requiring any songs at all to express to God how much we love him because of how much he loves us. 

 And then the child looks into our eyes, and we suddenly realize, in a strange and delightful experience, that God sees us looking at him in the same way. What a gift, that grace would so transfer us from the kingdom of darkness into the wonderful light of God’s love that we could feel like beloved children who love.

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