Monday, March 10, 2014

Considerations ~ Using Technology to Help us in Prayer

          If Jesus really meant for us to, "Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who abuse you” [1] (and he obviously did), here are some ideas on how to use our cell phones and portable technology units (hereafter referred to as PTU’s) to track our faithfulness to these commands.

          First, start a note on your PTU specifically for prayer and add people to your list using the encouragement of the above exhortation from our Savior. Examples:

·         When someone acts like an enemy towards you, add their name to your prayer list so that you can pray for your freedom to love them, and their freedom to know the love of Christ that would change them from an enemy into a friend

·         When someone shows hatred towards you, add their name to your list and pray about how you can do good to them

·         When someone curses you, bless them at the moment if you are able, add them to your list so that you can pray for further opportunities to bless them, and pray the Beatitudinal blessings of Matthew 5:1-12 over their life (I would be happy to share how to pray the Beatitudes for people who are cursing us… hmmm… I feel a Ping coming on!)

·         When someone abuses you or mistreats you, add their name to your prayer list so that you can pray for them to experience the grace and mercy of God.

          Secondly, bring your prayer list to the next prayer-gathering of your church and add your prayers for these people to all the other prayers that will be offered. When we add this kind of praying to all our concerns for loved ones and friends, we will be surprised at what kind of prayer list we are able to bring to our church’s weekly prayer gathering. Who knows but that we may even find ourselves spontaneously praying with other believers because these things are staying fresh in our minds for prayer.

          As a pastor, I do not like to see technology become the center of attention in any of our gatherings as the church. However, I can see how our PTU’s could help to keep people at the center of our prayer-attention so that we are obeying our Savior’s instructions, and all those people who don’t like us have the opportunity to experience the love of God that loved us while we were still sinners. Who knows what will happen as God works to teach us to pray, and to answer our prayers.

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[1] Luke 6:27-28

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