Friday, March 22, 2013

Considerations: The Bad and the Good of Who I Am

I have lived much of my lifetime trying to prove to people I’m not as bad as they say I am. That’s the down-side of the valley. I’m starting up the up-side of the valley where I am discovering how good I am to the one who knows, more than anyone, how bad I am.

This is one facet of the wonder-filled blessing of the gospel of Jesus Christ, that the one we have been baddest with, who has the power and authority to give us the longest and most painful time-out we could ever imagine, receives me to himself as if I was just as good as his Son, Jesus Christ.

And then, as we grow in this wonder-filled relationship with Jesus Christ, actually becoming like him along the path of God’s unfailing work of salvation, we discover that Jesus himself was treated as one who was as bad as people believed him to be, and yet he never once defended himself. He didn’t have to. He and the Father both knew who he was.

The more I come to know who I am the way my heavenly Father knows who I am, the less I need to give any thought to proving that I’m not what people say I am. Jesus promises to answer them in his time. It is time for me to listen to him instead.
From my heart,
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