Saturday, December 26, 2020

Finishing the Race to Realness

I am unfinished realness.

 Lostness had cursed the image-of-God design of my being. Detached from my Creator, I could never be myself. Satan had successfully stolen, killed and destroyed the glorious creation of God in me so that I was a liar like him, a pretense, a sinful zombie masquerading as a living soul.

 Justification by faith in Jesus Christ returns me to the opportunity to be my real self. The moment that God made me alive in Jesus Christ, I was alive to healing, forgiveness, cleansing and walking in eternal attachment to God.

 Sanctification is transforming me from my sinful, sarky and worldly pseudo-self into my holy, righteous and like-Jesus real-self.

 Glorification is at the finish line of the race promising me that full restoration into every bit of the reality of being my real self in Jesus Christ, becoming fully like Jesus in every way the Triune intended before the beginning of time.

 My realness is unfinished. Bear with me. But don’t let me get away with unrealness.

 There is a wonderful gift of grace that all God’s children can be transformed into the same realness as Jesus Christ our Savior from one degree of glory to another.

 However, much of that transformation happens when we attach to one another in Christ in order that our relating to each other grows to be like the Triune relates among themselves.

 So, let us who are alive in Jesus bear with one another in the agapè-love that understands that none of us are completed realness. The best of our experiences of being ourselves in Christ will always leave room for improvement.

 This is why agapè-love must be central, because it covers the multitude of sins still in God’s children and makes the safe place for us to grow up.

 At the same time, let’s spur one another on to the agapè-love and good deeds that not only make us more like Jesus ourselves, but create the environment for everyone to mature into his image and likeness together.

 Being like Jesus is what the quest to be our real selves is all about. Come to Jesus, and he will return you to realness by making you every bit your real self in him.


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