Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Home Church Video: Noah's Faith in a Faithless Family

Everyone is affected by their families. Many people are wounded by their families. Some people are traumatized by what family members have been capable of doing to them. Our family experiences can easily affect both what we believe about God and how we attach to him.

While many people associate Noah with the building of an ark to ride-out a worldwide flood, his example as far more universal than that. He was a man who knew God with a faith that remained attached to his heavenly Father in a real and personal way no matter what anyone in his family chose to do.

In this first look at the way Noah lived “by faith”, we are invited to know God as he did, and to run the race set before us by our own faith in God no matter whether our families are cheering us on with loving encouragement, or deriding us for not being as disconnected from God as themselves.


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