Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Morning Time With God: God Sees Man’s Sins.

This morning, my focus was on the description of God’s assessment of the world of Noah’s day. What stands out is that there is a huge contrast between what God sees and what man sees. 

Why, in such a few generations, had man become so evil that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every intention of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually”?[1] 

I am often appalled at how rebellious little children can be when they clearly know what is right from wrong and they have it all figgered how they just need to wait until we are not looking to disobey. Why is that? 

Because, in their puny little minds, they do not have any comprehension that they are immature and ignorant and that we know better than them. Plus, their total depravity means that they already have that inherent propensity to be different from God.

Guess what: whenever we do anything contrary to God’s will for us, including the mindless escapism that is wasting so much of our time, we are caught in an arrogant, immature, ignorant, depraved intention/thought that we have things figgered better than God. 

This especially applies to what we call our “justice-issues”. These are the deep beliefs that God allows injustice by letting people get away with their sins against us (while we never grieve that he is being so kind to us in our sinful arrogance towards him). The claim of injustice on God’s part comes from our tiny, self-centered, dust-based view of life. We simply do not know what he knows. 

I am really seeing what it means that “self-justification” is at the root of all sins. It is always the same ignorant, depraved, immature, arrogant, self-centered rationale that our puny little bit of tunnel vision understands the whole wide world and can tell God that we have found a better way of doing things than his. And so we “justify” ourselves as having the right way while we condemn God as unjust for… (drum roll please)… not doing things our way!!! 

I believe that our daily meditations on God’s word are a personal relationship between us as the beloved children of God (if that is who we are) and the Holy Spirit of our heavenly Father whose work in our lives is to teach us all things and bring to our remembrance things Jesus has already taught us. 

I believe that, in God’s perfect wisdom and knowledge, in his omniscient consciousness of everything, whatever he is saying to us through his word on any given day is the best thing for us to hear, and whatever he shows us he is doing (usually in us first) is the best thing we could be doing as well. 

Today he is confronting me with the glory of his vision, that he sees and knows everything, and the incompleteness of my understanding of anything. It is a humbling experience of God’s grace when we find ourselves admitting to our poverty of spirit. It means we are already blessed with the love of a Father who will not let us die in the arrogant and ignorant immaturity that believes our way is better than his.


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[1] Genesis 6:5

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