Saturday, May 11, 2019

Home Church Video ~ "Love is..." ~ Part 7 ~ Love is Not Irritable or Resentful

Of all the negative descriptions of agape-love Paul has given, this focus on a love that is “not irritable or resentful,” seemed to apply to us all. For some reason, allowing ourselves to feel irritated at interruptions, or resentful of longstanding problems, feels almost justified rather than regretful.

In this home church video we explore why the agape-love of the Bible requires God’s children to exchange the sarky attitudes of irritability and resentment with a goodwill that flows from our love relationship with God. We are quite sure we are not the only ones who need help in this area!

Now, if you notice the hints that our home church seemed to have a more humorous time than usual with this topic, it wasn’t because we weren’t taking it seriously. Rather, it was because we all knew it was hitting as close to home as anything, and a bit of light-heartedness seemed to help the medicine go down, if you will.

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