Thursday, November 1, 2018

In2freedom Vlog ~ A Father’s Love For the Forsaken Child

We may not have much say over how we are treated by our families, but God has a lot to say about what we can experience with him when our families discard us.

During Jesus’ ministry he warned that those who follow him may experience rejection, disowning, and even violence from family members. We know that in our day some who come to faith in Jesus from various religious backgrounds lose their families, and even face death threats and attempts on their lives from family members.

By my teen years, I was well aware that there would be a family-cost to following Jesus. I just couldn’t escape who Jesus is, and what he has done for me, and what it will mean to face him one day, and so I was graciously compelled to learn how to follow Jesus while always asking God how to honor him in family relationships.

I know that we can’t choose the story we are given by others, but we can grow a testimony of trusting God no matter what anyone else has done, or threatens to do.

With that in mind, there is a testimony in God’s word of someone dealing with broken family relationships in a way that honors God as our loving adoptive Father. I have my own story of how God has become a Father to me in a long journey through family hurts and heartaches, and I would like to share hope and encouragement for anyone still on the journey.

This Vlog sharing is to encourage anyone whose family relationships have left them feeling all alone to get to the know the heavenly Father who would love to be with us always. 

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