Saturday, October 20, 2018

Home Church Video ~ From Spitting Out to Eating In

How would you feel if someone described your relation to them as making them want to spit you out of their mouth because you’re so awfully lukewarm?

Now, after an initial wave of hurt feelings, wouldn’t you want to know if you were doing something to cause such a reaction?

In this home church video, we explore why Jesus would tell one of his churches that they were lukewarm and he was planning to spit them out of his mouth if nothing changed.[1]

Along with that, we consider what Jesus meant that he was knocking at the door of the church in order to come back in, and anyone who opened the door to him would experience fellowship like two friends sitting down to enjoy a meal together.

At the center of this focus is Jesus telling the church that they saw themselves in a very positive light that was not accurate simply because they did not realize the true condition of their souls. He then described the way they looked in real life and presented them a very gracious opportunity. He would counsel them in where and how to get what they were lacking, which is, in him.

Join our home church as we examine our own hearts to assess which parts of this message to a lukewarm church is exactly what we ourselves need to hear, along with Jesus’ solution, which is opening our hearts to him.

As always, Jesus only addresses what is wrong with us with a message of grace and hope to help us take hold of what he says. When the poor in spirit let themselves hunger and thirst for the righteousness of faith, even if they only learned about their bankrupt relationship to Christ just now, they experience the faithfulness of Jesus our Savior to do in our lives exactly what he promises to do.

And the fellowship only gets better as we travel with him and follow where he leads.

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[1] See Revelation 3:14-22

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