Sunday, May 20, 2018

Home Church Video: Staking Our Claim on Freedom in Christ ~ Part 15A ~ The Valley of Freedom ~ Step Two: Mourning

Many people miss out on the benefits of good health because they are not willing to eat healthily or get out and exercise.

In a similar way, many of God’s children miss out on the blessings of their Father’s comfort because they are not willing to mourn the things that are wrong with them. They do not want to let go of bad mind-habits, like setting their minds on the sark/flesh.[1] Neither do they welcome the humbling experience of attachment to God in the fellowship of his Holy Spirit.[2]

In this home church video, we explore the first part of Jesus’ expression: “Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted.”[3] Our aim is to fully embrace whatever mourning we need to do in our inner selves in order to prepare the way to experience the comfort that is supremely found in God our Savior.

No matter what the Beatitudinal Journey brings up in your life, whether it be sins to confess, wounds to heal, sarky dependencies to crucify, or simply an emptiness in your inner self that does not know how to attach to your Father in heaven, join our home church in considering how mourning is a blessing because it opens our hearts to comfort as no denial of what is wrong with us could ever do.

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[1] Paul makes clear why dependence on the sark/flesh is so hopeless in Romans 7.
[2] Our experience of the Holy Spirit is wonderfully described in Romans 8.
[3] Matthew 5:4

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