Saturday, May 26, 2018

Home Church Video: Staking Our Claim on Freedom in Christ ~ Part 15B ~ The Valley of Freedom ~ Step Two: Comfort in Mourning

After our first look at Jesus words, “Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted,”[1] I realized that the “comforted” part of the promise seems somewhat rare for many who profess faith in Jesus Christ. This is partially due to the fact that the “blessed are those who mourn” part is often resisted by church-going folk for the simple reason that it doesn’t sound promising enough to entertain.

In this home church video, we emphasize the comfort side of God’s promise in order to encourage us to open up our inner selves to the blessing of our freedom in Christ. As we have been doing for a while, we consider what comfort looks like when we try to keep our mourning limited to the external aspects of our lives, and how the comfort radically increases as we are willing to face the deepest truths of our soul-condition.

In a world that is doing its utmost to destroy hope at every turn, join our home church in exploring how facing ourselves honestly, including mourning anything that is wrong, will lead us into the deepest comforts we could ever experience this side of heaven.

We ended up having such a good time of fellowship around this truth of God’s word that this video gives a bit of a taste of the interactions we sometimes enjoy in our sharing of the word. Yes, there are real live people in the room when I am teaching from God’s word (just in case you were wondering), and sometimes they get quite lively in applying God’s words to their lives.

We trust and pray that God will enliven your heart with hope as you face anything in your life that may require the kind of mourning that leads to comfort in Jesus Christ.

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[1] Matthew 5:4

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