Friday, March 16, 2018

Seven Questions For the Evolutionary Mind

I often tackle dialogues with evolutionists who believe that I have no basis for my faith in Jesus Christ as Creator and Redeemer. At the same time, they imagine that their side has irrefutable scientific proof that everything we see in our universe came through an ancient explosion of dense matter that eventually became life as we know it today.

In a recent dialogue, my opponent was in the stage of resorting to name calling, so I left the conversation open with these seven questions.[1] Since his belief is that the supposed natural processes that created life can be tested and verified by scientific measurements, I want someone to show me the scientifically repeatable and observable tests of natural things that prove nothing-to-matter-to-life evolution.[2]

Question one: what is your scientific evidence for the origin of space, time, and matter?[3]

Question two: what processes would we need to use to assess what came before space, time, and matter, since science is limited to what can be measured within the material realm?

Question three: how could all the matter in the universe be compressed into a lump of dense matter as you claim?

Question four: what scientific evidence do you have that a lump of dense matter containing all the matter in the universe had the energy and force to break the gravitational confines of such a mass and explode across the distances we now see in the universe?

Question five: what scientific evidence explains why the universe is filled with orderly systems, both in the expansive reaches of the universe itself, and across our whole planet, and within the inner workings of the human body, rather than the chaos that results with every explosion that can be tested by science?

Question six: what is your scientific explanation for how non-living matter turned into living matter to begin the journey towards all the life we see on our planet today, including all that is evidenced in the fossil record?

Question seven: what is your scientific explanation for the origin of DNA, RNA, and proteins, and how they organized into a symbiotic relationship that absolutely requires them to exist in this relationship in order for them to maintain, repair, and reproduce, what is contained within their library of information?

I share this in the hope of finding people honest enough to admit that neither science itself, nor the evolutionary religion, can answer these questions with any kind of repeatable, testable, observable, scientific experiments (hence the name calling).

I hope you will consider where these questions lead us in our discovery of the person outside space, time, and matter, who has the creative genius, power, and authority to create what we see in our universe, and the unfailing love that would offer us a perfect solution to the mess we have made of his creation.

For in him (Jesus) all things were created: things in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or powers or rulers or authorities; all things have been created through him and for him. He is before all things, and in him all things hold together.[4]

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[1] These questions summarize decades of listening to evolutionary arguments for origins without God that never explain our origin, and listening to unsubstantiated attacks on the evidence for God, his creative genius in what he has made, and the incredible validations of the Bible as his Book. Neither their claims nor their attacks ever answer the biggest questions.
[2] Just to clarify, I don’t need scientific measurements of natural processes to explain where space, time, and matter came from since whatever, and whoever, existed prior to the creation of space, time, and matter could not be made of space, time, or matter. The very fact that people are still looking for the origin of space, time, and matter through the boxed-in limitations of naturalism is because they cannot find the answers in naturalism since naturalism is already, and can only, deal with space, time, and matter. Wherever space, time, and matter came from cannot be anything that is space, time, and matter, therefore we need something other than scientific tests to give us our answers.
[3] I use “space, time, and matter” to summarize the components of our material world. These three components are absolutely required for material existence, so we must be able to explain where they came from in order to understand how they supposedly produced what we can observe and test in our world today.
[4] Colossians 1:16-17

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