Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Home Church Video: Staking Our Claim on Freedom in Christ ~ Part 9 ~ The Freedom to Forgive

Within days of sharing with our home church how the only specific references to forgiveness are in relation to forgiving repentant people, another article extolling the virtues of forgiving everyone of everything all the time landed on my little corner of cyberspace. 

I did a quick survey to see how the author used Scripture to support his point and was, once again, disappointed to see so many assumptions treated as if they were coming out of God's word when the article showed nothing of the sort.

This made me all the more thankful to share this video with anyone out there who would like to explore what Scripture "really says" about this. I assure you that we are not in the camp of those who twist Scripture to support sinful lifestyles, or write off clear teachings of New Testament Scripture as if they no longer apply. 

Rather, I contend that it is the people claiming we are to forgive everyone of everything all the time who are reading things into God's word that are never stated, and that contradict other things that are stated. 

This may be difficult for people to appreciate, but there are ZERO passages of God's Book telling his people to forgive unrepentant people.

On the other hand, there are MANY passages telling us that we must NOT forgive unrepentant people because they need help, and, in some cases, church discipline. 

I go so far as to say that teaching people to forgive everyone of everything all the time is a false teaching because it is not only not what God's word teaches, but is contrary to what he teaches. 

The conclusion is that interpreting all the exhortations to forgive as meaning forgive people who have repented, does line up with God's word all the way around.

And, it just happens to have LOTS of Scriptures telling us to do just that. 

So, with that in mind, here is a thorough look at Scriptures that teach us the freedom to forgive repentant people. Many of these also confirm that forgiveness does not apply to unrepentant people.

Our next study will consider many of the Scriptures that tell us how to walk in freedom in relation to unrepentant people. We just need to understand that forgiving them is neither required nor desirable. God has something better, and that is what we seek.

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