Thursday, February 12, 2015

Songs for the Journey ~ Look at Me When I’m Crying

          I have had a lifetime problem allowing myself to cry while people are looking. The exhortation of Scripture to “weep with those who weep,”[1]makes me aware that I need to be just as willing to be the weeper as the weepee. Some ministry friends talk about staying together in negative emotions as necessary to our maturity,[2] and that seems to be a good application of the whole weeping-with-those-who-weep experience.
          With that in mind, I have been practicing these things on some of the children in our lives. When I see children get hurt, and run off to hide themselves while they cry, I take that as an opportunity to show them that they are loved while they are hurting.[3] It has been rather amazing to watch what happens when children look up with tears in their eyes to see the look on my face they never would have noticed if they had been left to cry in secret.[4]
          After one of these very special episodes of helping a child feel loved while hurting, I had this song idea begin forming. It wasn’t long before I had it to the present stage and felt it would encourage others that they can identify with the inner wish that people would stay with us in our negative emotions.
          I hope this song helps us be honest about how much we feel this way ourselves, and watchful for how we can show hurting people that we love them in the midst of their/our tears.

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[1] Romans 12:15
[2] I learned this from some people I call my “Life Model Family”. I can’t remember where in their resources I first was introduced to this thought, but I think it was their book, “Joy Starts Here” that made it clear enough for me to apply to my life.
[3] I have found that a lot of adults hide their crying because no one ever taught them that they could be loved while they are hurting.
[4] I am not speaking against crying in secret. I am very good at it. I am only addressing how we need to also have fellowship in the weep-with-those-who-weep kind of way. When people only cry in secret, they often associate their crying with shame, and are afraid of people getting to know them as they really are. God’s call to his church to weep together is aimed at a very special aspect of our ministry to one another, and the fellowship we can share.


  1. But, can you go and weep with those you have caused to weep?

    1. Absolutely. I wasn't thinking in that direction when I wrote the song, but I can see how it would be another wonderful example of God graciously healing both the weepers and the weepees. I firmly believe God could do this. I have had a couple of experiences with this, where the person who was hurt, and the one who inflicted the hurt, came together in reconciliation. There is no doubt that it was a work of God, and something that God would freely do as often as his people set their minds on the Holy Spirit, and surrendered to such a work. Even if it doesn't result in everyone literally weeping at the same time, there would be a wonderful gift of God graciously healing the brokenhearted and binding up their wounds as we gather together to look at each other as we are crying. It would be wonderful to see churches all over the world have people come together like this. If adults can learn the same thing I have already seen work with children... it is almost too exciting to imagine would might happen!