Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Rest of God’s Revelation

          There is a restfulness that should accompany a journey through the book of Revelation for the simple reason that God has done all the work of making it known to us[1]. He has given his children a new nature in Christ Jesus that is able to understand the things God has breathed-out[2], and has left us with his Holy Spirit who is the perfect teacher and reminder of the revelation of God[3].

          The word translated in English as “revelation” comes from the Greek word “apokalupsin”. This is why you may have heard this book referred to as the “Apocalypse”. The word means “to unveil, to uncover”. As a dignitary pulls down a fabric-covering to reveal a sculpture or painting, so the book of Revelation reveals things that once were hidden and presents them in the light for all to see.

          God has a deliberate purpose in showing things the way he did. In his sovereign wisdom and knowledge, he composed the symphony of divine thoughts in order to play the wisdom and knowledge of God to every generation of believers for our constant hope and joy. The song is his; the presentation is his; the timing and cadence are his. Ours is to receive what he has revealed, to “revel”[4] in the Revelation.

          Knowing that “the revelation” uncovers hidden things, rather than hides things under strange word-pictures, saves us from any sense that we need to fix what God gave us in this book. We cannot treat this revelation as if it is not revealed. Neither can we fall into the sarky[5] trap of thinking that God gave it his best shot and now he needs brilliant men to tell people what God couldn’t figure out how to say in his own words.

          As we journey through Revelation I want my constant aim to be “Preach the word!”[6] God has already done what he wanted in revealing it. He breathed-out the words he specially chose for the occasion[7]. Nothing is hidden that he has uncovered. Nothing need be proclaimed beyond what is written[8]. So let us simply echo Isaiah’s cry, “To the teaching, and to the testimony!”[9]

          So far, in the first few words of the Revelation, my heart is growing in this wonder, that God has unveiled his thoughts to us. GOD HAS! TO US! He has uncovered to our eyes what was hidden from our sight. Nothing is ever hidden from his sight[10], but much is hidden from ours. Not only is there far more knowledge in the universe than we can ever hope to contain, but, in our sinful condition, we are BLIND! We cannot see the half of what is all around us. The heavens declare the glory of God[11], but we do not see it. We are blind to it[12] until God awakens our hearts to the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and lets us see what was hidden[13], but is now unveiled for our longing hearts to see.

          “For God, who said, “Let light shine out of darkness,” has shone in our hearts to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ.”[14]This is what God’s children can expect from the book of Revelation.

© 2012 Monte Vigh ~ Box 517, Merritt, BC, Canada, V1K 1B8 ~

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[2] I Corinthians 2:13
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[4] def: to take great pleasure in something
[5] “Sark” is the Greek word for “the flesh” which refers to that part of ourselves that is totally focused on “self”. It is attracted to sin and opposed to God. “Sarky” simply refers to a fleshly thought, attitude, desire or behavior.
[6] II Timothy 4:1-2
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