Thursday, April 2, 2020

Father’s Law is Perfect

The law of Yahweh is perfect, reviving the soul;[1]

Right now, over exactly what is going on inside you, God wants you to know that HIS law is perfect and complete.

We know that the laws of our land or imperfect at best, and corrupt at worst.

We know that the laws our parents ruled by were lacking at best, and abusive and traumatizing at worst.

We know that the laws our abusers operated by were sinful and wicked and corrupt in every way and that is why they have caused us so much damage.

We know that the laws of our sarks (flesh) are always wrong at best, and utterly self-destroying at worst, and so we absolutely need what is better.

In comes “the law of Yahweh”. Yahweh, our God and Father, operates by law. This is not a burden to us as though it is something we cannot keep because this isn’t about US keeping his law, but about HIM keeping his law.

In other words, what we read in his word is the truth, and that is exactly the way we will find him caring for us as his children.

The law of Yahweh our Father “is perfect”.

To keep this short, I want you to simply consider this: YOUR law is faulty, broken, filled with ignorance, blind to truth, consumed and ruled by fear and unbelief. It cannot rule you well.

What your soul is looking for is a Father whose law over us is not only filled with goodness of the highest kind, but is absolutely guaranteed to be what he says it will be. If he says he loves us with an everlasting love, that is law. It cannot change. It cannot be broken. I could go on, but let this truth feed your soul.

What effect does the perfect and complete law of Yahweh our Father have on us? The effect of Father’s perfect law is “reviving the soul”.

Your soul is where the deadness and emptiness and worthlessness and hopelessness are living. It is the condition of the real you.

The “reviving” of the soul means the bringing back to life of our realness. Much of the deadness, emptiness, and hopelessness within is because something died. Our real selves died. We know that we have been trying to role-play that we are someone different on the outside than we are on the inside. Now God tells us how the real self on the inside can come back to life.

Conclusion: find some way to meditate on the law of Yahweh your Father. Even if you begin with a response to the verse I am sharing, it is already a facet of the diamond of God’s word that is a perfect radiance of the glory of our God that it can revive our souls simply to say, the God who spoke into the darkness, “Let there be light, and there was light,” has come with his perfect law to speak my soul back to life.

And, if you are a child of Yahweh through faith in his Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, the Triune God will not fail to revive your soul back to life in a work that will be complete in due time.

Today, you are invited to gaze on the beauty of this, that our Father’s law has come to our empty, dead, hopeless hearts with a perfection greater than we can know or understand with the promise to start where we are and take us all the way to a real self that is fully alive in Jesus Christ our Lord.

Unless otherwise noted, Scriptures are from the English Standard Version (The Holy Bible, English Standard Version. ESV® Text Edition: 2016. Copyright © 2001 by Crossway Bibles, a publishing ministry of Good News Publishers.)

[1] Psalm 19:7

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