Saturday, June 15, 2019

Home Church Video ~ When Expectations and Obligations Meet Faith Working Through Love

I have often had people cringe at the consideration of the expectations that are a necessary part of our walk with God. Sometimes this is because they interpret God’s expectations through a works-based filter. This results in a fear-based sense of judgment that God is a Father who always finds fault with us since we can never perfectly meet our obligations before him.

Other times, the resistance to any kind of expectation or obligation is because people already know they don’t want to keep in step with the Spirit so they don’t want to be reminded of all the things the Spirit is doing to lead us to walk with God. As with the world, people in the church love the darkness (silence about what is right) because their deeds are evil, and they don’t want to stop what they are doing.

Still others recoil from any hint of an expectation or obligation because they struggle with addictive behaviors and are told by worldly authorities that they can’t handle expectations or obligations because they will drive them back to whatever addictive coping mechanism they rely on.

Whatever the case, the child of God does not need to deny the expectations and obligations of life as a beloved disciple of Jesus Christ, nor do they need to burden themselves with a legalistic and works-based view of such things. The same grace that saved us through faith is working to teach us to do what is expected of life in God’s kingdom by faith.

In this home church video, we take a good and encouraging look at how to view the expectations and obligations of our new life in Jesus Christ. As expected, God’s grace leads the way so we can join God in his work by faith that expresses itself in love.

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