Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Home Church Video ~ The Frenemy Committee Goes Down

The term, “Frenemy,” refers to a friend who may regularly feel like an enemy. Their on-off way of relating can be mind-boggling, confusing, frustrating, and sometimes downright hurtful.

Imagine a Committee made up of both friends and enemies. What is difficult in dealing with a single Frenemy is now compounded by a group of individuals who are seeking opposing aims. Coming to any kind of consensus on what to do is excessively exasperating.

This home church message takes us on a journey through the mind of the Frenemy Committee, and sets before us the necessity of closing it down wherever it is making the decisions.

The fact is that God’s children already have the Father, Son and Holy Spirit to guide us through their word to know and do the will of God, and the Disciples’ prayer teaches us how to pray about everything that comes up.

So, no Frenemy Committee required or desired. Join us as we learn to shut it down.

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