Sunday, January 13, 2019

The Gift of Father Knowing What We Need

One of the most amazing differences between talking to each other and praying to our Father in heaven is that our heavenly Father “knows what you need before you ask him.”[1]

Some people take that as an excuse to not pray. They reason that, if Father already knows what they need, why ask him for anything?

What became so clear to me this morning led me in the opposite direction. The fact that my Father knows what I need does not motivate me to be quiet, but to talk to him all the more!

One of my lifelong frustrations is when I want to tell someone something very important to me, but as soon as they think they understand what I’m trying to say they indicate that I can stop talking because they get it. I realize that for them it is only about the information, so once the information has been communicated, there is no need for further conversation about it.

What I see in my heavenly Father is that prayer could never be about communicating information since he already has full knowledge of what I need. In fact, the data he has about what I need would be like a whole library compared to the tiny little prayer I would have used to describe whatever I’m going through.

So, if prayer is not about giving information to our Father so he knows how to help us, prayer MUST be about all about relationship.

In other words, the fact that Father keeps inviting us, and urging us, even pleading with us, to come to him in prayer, is this most amazing gift because he is the one person in our lives who needs ZERO information about what we are going through and yet HE is the one who keeps telling us to tell him what is going on!

What has this done for me this morning?

It has opened my heart to my longings in an extremely encouraging, hopeful, and uplifting way because my Father wants me to talk to him about everything even though he already has all the information. That means that I am the reason he wants me to pray because he wants ME to attach to HIM.

I certainly do not need to pray for Father’s sake, as if it helps him figure out what to do whenever I tell him what’s on my mind.

No, prayer has to be for my sake, not as though life is all about me, but that it is Father’s gift to bless his children with relationship with him. As I treat Father as the supreme Lord who is sovereignly ruling over both the spiritual and material realms, discovering how deeply personal he wants me to be with him is almost too remarkable for words.

And yet it is right there in every exhortation for me to pray. In fact, in contrast to people who would gladly reach the end of a conversation with me because they kinda knew what I was going to say before I started, Father’s own words are, “pray without ceasing”.[2]

The fact that my heavenly Father wants me to pray without ceasing when he already knows everything I need is the most mind-blowing gift of grace I could ever imagine. He wants ME.

And so, the fact that Father knows everything about me means that prayer is his gracious gift to bring me to him and enjoy the delights of knowing him. It still feels almost unthinkable to see things this way, and yet every invitation to prayer in God’s Book says it is so.

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[1] Matthew 6:8, as Jesus introduces the Disciples’ Prayer of Matthew 6:9-13.
[2] I Thessalonians 5:17

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