Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Home Church Video ~ The power of God in the Word and the word

The power of God in the Word and the word

It may seem like such a minor thing that the “Word” capitalized is distinct from the “word” uncapitalized. However, there is a profound distinction that sets each apart from the other, and yet demands that they are treated as inseparable.

The “Word” capitalized is the name of a person, referring to Jesus the Son of God. The “word” uncapitalized is the communication of God as is now contained in Scripture, or God’s Book.

In this home church video, we explore how our relationship to God’s word as communicated in his Book, and our relationship to Jesus as the Word of God, brings us into the most personal communication relationship that anyone could ever experience.

Why is this important?

Because our relationship with God depends on a relationship to both the Word and the word. Jesus, the Word, spoke the word of God in order to draw us to his Father. The word of God, what we now have in God’s Book, draws us into a personal relationship with God’s Son, the Word of God.

In this video, we do not exhaust all that these two words bring to us. We simply want each person to know both words personally in order to walk in the assurance of eternal life that is characterized by constantly growing up in our Savior.

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